Mosquito bites

Mosquitoes might be the smallest creatures we know of, and compared to humans, they are too small in size. However, when mosquitoes bite, even humans can’t help but suffer in anguish. These days, with traditional diseases like west Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, diphtheria, typhoid etc, and modern day diseases like chikunguniya, mosquito bites are treated as big problems. As we have quite different reactions towards insects biting us, we have to act extremely careful towards the symptoms we get. The most common indicators of mosquito bites are in the form of redness of the skin, swelling of the skin, and itching. In most cases, the symptoms will show up in a couple of hours or overnight, but in certain cases, it might take a little more time. In case there are symptoms like fever, rashes, vomiting etc, you should consult a doctor for it might be malaria or flu. Your doctor will do the extensive tests and let you know what it is.

Infection due to mosquito bites are caused when female mosquito stings. The mosquitoes are structured in such a way that they have a blade like mouth which enables easy cutting of the skin and sucking blood from it. When the mosquitoes bite and their mouth penetrate our skin, its saliva and other proteins and enzymes contained the saliva. For those with a gentle skin, the feeling of itchiness and redness is very much while there are several others who develop immunity due to repeated bites and they might not come to know when the mosquitoes bite.

As soon as the mosquito bites, take out some ice cubes, roll them in a handkerchief and immediately start rubbing over the infected area. One more solution is to take a pair of keys and rub it over the place where you have suffered a bite.

This way, if any specie of an insect that have venom in their bite has bitten you, the keys will help in removing the venom out. Calamine lotion is a good treatment for swelled up skin, it will reduce the pain and the amount of itching. If you don’t wish to apply any chemically treated ointment, you can opt for Aloe Vera. It is the best natural way for any skin rashes, itching, irritation etc. Just cut one leaf of the plant from middle and apply its gel on the swollen/rashes area. Aloe Vera plant has a natural coolness which will relieve you of any irritation and burning.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Rather than applying the ointments after you have been affected, it is better you prevent these bites. Use insect repellents at home, and light a mosquito coils in the evening. But just be careful of all the smoke that comes from it, for it might raise a fire alarm! During activities that involve going to swampy places or places like parks in the evening, be sure you are fully clothed. Also, if there is a stagnant water pool in your area, clear it and make sure there’s no garbage lying in your locality.